Specialty Firestop Systems (SFS) specializes in the installation of firestop/containment systems, providing a full range of firestopping applications including installations for through-penetrations, construction joints and protective wrap applications for grease/air duct and electrical circuit protection. Additionally, SFS installs sound, air movement and aerosol seals.

SFS was the second firestop contractor in the world to comply with Underwriters Laboratories' UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program Requirements (2008), and is currently one of only a small number of contractors worldwide that maintains this status via annual audits.

We have developed a Quality Management system specifically focused on the proper selection and installation of UL Firestop Systems, as evidenced in a written examination by a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI), which is maintained by strict quality controls.

SFS stays up-to-date with the current codes and installs the most cost-effective systems to meet these code requirements. We are an industry leader and provide our clients with services not normally found in a firestopping contractor. Our goal is to reduce the possibility of delays due to failed inspections and allow our customers to focus on the issues of their particular trade without worrying about firestop systems.

What our clients say about SFS . . .

"Specialty Firestop Systems arose to the demand of what many believed as a next-to-impossible project schedule and approached each challenge with a 'can-do' attitude. The efforts of your field crew were exemplary. We simply could not have accomplished this project without your company’s efforts. Thank you again for the efforts of your company in helping us complete a complex project with a difficult schedule, while maintaining the highest level of quality available in the industry.”

Kenneth Mason
Skanska USA Building Inc.