Consulting Services:

The firestopping business is changing rapidly with new requirements, new products and many factors that can delay or add cost to a project.  We have the experience and expertise to develop a plan that can help to save you money during construction.

SFS can provide answers to these questions:

 What materials are best for the job?

 What are the  best tested systems for the job?

 Who should do the firestopping?

 What do you need to do to minimize liability?

 How much will this add to the cost of the job?

 What can you do to minimize your cost for firestopping?

Our experience with field installation (many thousands of hours) allows us to solve many of the problems and conditions that can arise during construction.  Our connections with numerous firestop manufacturers help us determine which products or systems can best suit your needs.

We also do seminars and training sessions.

Call us and we can discuss our services and fees with you.