Several codes and or Organizations require annual surveys and documentation of facilities fire-rated construction assemblies.

The International Fire Code (which governs all existing buildings) requires that the building owner survey, assess and maintain fire-rated construction on an annual basis.

CMS/TJC require healthcare facilities to inspect, document and remediate non-compliant firestopping in their 'I" occupancy buildings.

Specialty Firestop can provide surveys of accessible firewalls and provide proper documentation along with recommendations for remediation of non-compliant items discovered in the process.

Maintenance: Over the course of time, facilities change or add services, move or add rated walls, etc during additions, renovation, remodels and upgrades. These changes may include, new data/communications systems, gas and liquid piping, HVAC upgrade, just to name a few.   Many times these activities require bringing an older area of a facility up to a newer building code. The health care industry has additional requirements in order to maintain their accreditation and TJC has specific containment requirements.

SFS can help to establish an annual maintenance program to suit your building needs. The cost of this type of program is nominal in comparison to a complete retrofit of your facility. Doing this over a period of time can save your facility money.