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THE MAJOR PROBLEM IN THE INDUSTRY IS; There are no State or Federal Licensing Programs for "Firestop Systems" Installation.


Misunderstanding and misapplication are not difficult to comprehend when one considers that much of firestop installation is done almost as an afterthought.  Many firestop systems are typically installed by a craft person not fully acquainted with the process. 

Specialty Firestop Systems' highly trained firestop system specialists are all well skilled in installing functional firestopping solutions from years of experience in the field.  SFS knows the testing, certification and support capabilities of all the major firestop manufacturers and truly understands how plumbing, electrical, and mechanical services effect fire-rated assemblies and their ratings.

The designation "UL Qualified Firestop Contractor, says a lot about a contractor. 

It is a standard of quality, identifying the most highly trained professionals in firestopping installations. It tells you, here is a full-line "firestopping" professional with the experience, resources, training and commitment to get the job done right.

What it takes to be a UL Qualified Firestop Contractor:

The Qualified Contractor Program has two requirements for participating contractor firms:

1.) Individual knowledge assessed through an exam of a designated responsible individual (DRI) who is employed by a contractor, meets the program requirements, and is responsible for a contractor's management system, staff training and qualifications, and maintaining continued knowledge through CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

 2.) Applied knowledge and best practices assessed through an audit of the contractor firm's management system that is specifically focused on the selection and installation of Firestop Systems.

How the Program Works:

To earn qualified contractor status, a contractor firm's DRI must pass a three-hour written exam. The contractor firm itself must pass a UL-administered audit of its management system, both at the contractor's facility and as applied on the job site. Contractors are required to establish and effectively implement and maintain a management system that focuses on the selection and installation of firestop systems. Specially trained UL auditors conduct an audit of a contractor's processes to verify that processes exist and that they are being used effectively on the job. The essential processes that UL looks at include:

             Construction document requirements and review of building plans, drawings and specifications

              Selection, purchasing, storage and handling of materials

              Installation, application and field quality assurance procedures - transmitting design and installation requirements to the field

              Inspection, testing and calibration of equipment - testing to verify that installed designs meet requirements

              Control of nonconforming materials

               Installer inspections and correction processes

               Training and qualification of staff

               Audits of their own work and processes for continued improvement

What the "UL Qualified Firestop Contractor" Program Means To You and your project:

The UL Qualified Contractor Program provides architects, building owners and managers, plus general contractors a resource to specify, identify and select specialty contractors that have been assessed by an independent, third-party for their knowledge and best practices.

 Plus, Qualified Contractors now have a way to differentiate themselves from other contractors that have not been assessed by an independent, third-party.  While other contractor certification programs exist, UL's program has the benefit of being backed by UL's engineering staff who have years of knowledge and experience with fire resistive assemblies. This, coupled with UL's specially trained audit staff located throughout North America, provide an independent, third-party evaluation that architects, general contractors and regulatory authorities can look to for greater peace of mind

Peace Of Mind And The Confidence That Your Firestopping Will Be Done Correctly